John and Prue Fenning,
Oxley, ACT

Excellent workmanship

I want my builder to add value to my home through excellent design, workmanship and materials.

A house or extension not only represents an investment in a better life, but also offers the promise of a better financial return in the event of the house being sold. The high standard of design, workmanship and materials we use will ensure the value of your home continues to appreciate at a consistently faster rate. When the attraction of being brand new has gone, the more enduring attraction of value for money will remain.

"Our extension is now completed and we are delighted with the results, both in style and workmanship." Jeff and Marcia Kingwell, Curtin, ACT

Our tradesmen have been with us for a long time, some going right back to our first Canberra project. When you have highly skilled and loyal people working together, the result is a team who takes pride in every job they put their name to.
For example, the same amount of care is taken in the hidden parts of your home, as in the more obvious ones.